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Wrought iron gates are a common sight on residential and commercial properties throughout the UK. It is mostly associated with gates, but there are plenty of other structures that can be made from wrought iron. Wrought iron is commonly selected for its exceptional resilience and the security it provides; even the most determined thief will struggle to get through wrought iron.

Another reason that wrought iron is so popular is because it can easily be worked into ornate shapes and patterns. The versatility in terms of available designs has helped to cement wrought irons’ place as the go-to choice for property owners and metalworkers looking to add secure gates to their property.

Best of all, once a wrought iron structure has been installed, it is easy to repair and restore if necessary. Even a simple wrought iron structure will add to the value of your property.


Wrought iron is most commonly associated with gates and railings. However, it is used in a wide range of contexts. This range is a testament to its versatility and includes:

  • Gates
  • Railings
  • Fencing
  • Artistic Design
  • General ornamental ironwork
  • Garden furniture
  • Juliette balconies

    Our team has worked with wrought iron in numerous contexts, and we are always looking for new challenges. If you think there’s room on your property for a wrought iron structure, call us today to discuss and obtain a free quote.

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